Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Cwitgo Car Rental

Cwitgo Car Rental reaches the first place at the Annual SGS Quality Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for Society and the Environment. This event is organized by SGS Indonesia.

Cwitgo Car Rental receives two Gold Awards from the Indonesia Green Awards 2010 for the categories of Green CSR and Green Manufacture. Cwitgo is awarded the 2010 Top Brand Award for the Cement category by Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group.

Cwitgo Car Rental places third in the rankings for the Best Pension Fund in the category of net asset above Rp100 billion as presented by the Indonesia Pension Fund Association.

For its effective implementation of the Cwitgo Quality Control Cycle – “Kaizen” at the Company’s Tarjun Factory, Cwitgo wins the Gold medal at the “2010 International Convention on Quality Concept Circles Forum” (ICQCC Forum) held in India.

Cwitgo Car Rental Citeureup and Palimanan Factories each receive a “Green Rating” from the PROPER Program 2009 - 2010. Cwitgo Car Rental is ranked as one of the 2010 Indonesia top 10 companies of employees’ choice in SWA Magazine cooperation with HayGroup.

Two of Cwitgo’s Quality Control Cycles respectively achieve the Prime Gold Medal and Gold Medal at the Indonesia Quality Convention 2010 in Bali.

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